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Assistant Professor, P. I.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana to Honduran-immigrant parents. I received my B.S. in Cell and Molecular biology. I attended graduate school at University of California, San Francisco, where I studies the group of genetically inherited neurodegenerative diseases known as polyglutamine diseases. For my postdoctoral studies, I incorporated how aging contributes to age-related diseases using C. elegans as a model.



Undergraduate Research Assistant

I'm an undergraduate Biochemistry major at the University of Maine expecting to graduate in May 2024. I've always been interested in learning about the biological processes that keep all living things going, as well as the effects that stress, toxins, and diet have on those processes. I would like to focus on how these effects contribute to metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders, and in the future plan to develop new treatments or preventative measures for those suffering from these diseases.



Undergraduate Research Assistant

I'm a biochemistry major and I'm interested in pharmacological effects on life spans. I'm expected to graduate in 2025 May. A fun fact about me is I love to try and brew different kinds of coffee using different techniques and test how this affects their tastes.



PhD graduate student

I am a PhD student in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department. I received my bachelor’s degree at Utica College, with a major in biology and chemistry and my master’s degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center while focusing on colon cancer research. For my PhD work, I am interested in researching how different cellular signals can affect mitochondrial function in relation to aging. I like to spend my free time either reading or enjoying the scenery of Maine.



PhD graduate student

Remi is a PhD student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering program. She conducts aging research for a cross-collaboration project between the Kelley and Angeli labs. She has two undergraduate degrees, the first in  Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic, the second in Microbiology from University of Maine Orono. She is passionate

about the molecular mechanisms of aging and strives to find ways to promote healthier aging outcomes and prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Specifically, she is investigating the possible 

relationship between defects in nuclear transport and aging using C. elegans and S. cerevisiae models. In her free time she enjoys spoiling her cats, swimming and hiking in the Maine outdoors. 

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